Personal Training

1-ON-1 Training

Private & personal.  Catered to those who thrive in an isolated and focused environment.  Geared towards ultimate success!


Get motivated with the crowd! Great for anyone who enjoys working in groups and having a personal trainer by your side.


Meet the professional and highly knowledgeable trainers who will be working with you to achieve your ultimate goals!

ONYX Personal training is comprised of 4-Tiers, based on your experience and fitness level. Each tier includes some of the industry’s most talented and committed personal trainers.

Your goals, fitness level, schedule and medical history are all big part of the equation. As you progress, your package will progress too. Throughout your transformation, you’ll get a roadmap that bring results.

ONYX Personal Trainers will be there with you every step of the way. Whether your goals are to gain muscle tone, tone and shape your body, or weight loss/management, ONYX will help motivate you to gain the results you expect.

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