Personal Training in North Olmsted & Fairview Park (Free Consultation)


Well, it’s that time of year again.  The temperature has dropped, the snow flakes are coming and that means that the pounds are only right around the corner for most of us.  But does it have to be the same as every year – this year?  Could this year be the difference maker in whether or not we go into hibernation/chipmunk storage mode?  At ONYX, we would like to help you break the cycle!  This winter doesn’t have to be like last years winter.  Together, we can help you lose weight and still eat all (or most of) those cherished holiday meals and goodies that you just can’t seem to give up.  Don’t worry, we can’t give them up entirely either…  This is precisely where an ONYX certified personal trainer can help guide you into a more moderate nutritional guideline, one that can help balance your diet and incorporate a steady workout regimen that keeps your metabolism boosted and your body surging with energy.  By the time this winter ends, you’ll have a beach body (in comparison to last years).  Okay, okay, maybe not a beach body, but it’s really all up to you, depending on how much effort, time and dedication you put in during the course of the winter.   Anything is possible…

ONYX Health Club 24/7 in North Olmsted is providing 100% free personal training consultations.  During the consultation, you’ll be able to discuss what your goals are.  Is it fat loss?  Is it muscle tone?  Is it lean muscle mass?  You set your goals, you tell your trainer what you would like to achieve and then he will present you with a game plan.  An effective, choreographed outline of workouts, dietary needs and lifestyle changes that will churn results and ultimately (if applied) melt fat like snow.

In addition to the free personal training consultation, you’ll also get a free 14 day gym pass to North Olmsted’s newest gym.  Your pass will be valid from the moment you step foot in the club and for 13 days thereafter.  No credit card information is required to signup, it simply takes 15 seconds to fill out your information below and once your done, your free trial and personal training consultation will be activated immediately!  Let’s go, what are you waiting for?  With ONYX, today is a new beginning!


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